Thursday, 12 September 2013

Ballard Bikes to School Kick-Off Event

Ballard Bikes to School Kick-Off Event, Saturday, September 28, 10 a.m. to noon, Salmon Bay School Playground

This Ballard multi-school event will put you in gear for year-round commuting. Here's what we have planned for you...
  • Bike Rodeo--teaching bike handling techniques like quick stop, rock dodge, driveway rideout, slalom, scanning, ramps and more!
  • Bike Maintenance Station--get your brakes, tire pressure, and bike fit checked
  • Helmet Check/Helmet Sale
  • Bike Library--Try out family bikes designed to support young riders and passengers and well as kid bikes of different sizes and types.
  • Bike Games--slow race and newspaper toss
  • Bike Trains--organized bike rides around our neighborhood
  • Community Partners--Cascade Bicycle Club, Seattle Dept of Transportation, Feet First and other will be present to share their resources.

We are especially excited about our "Bike Library" which will showcase various family, cargo, and kid bikes for you to try out.  You will also be able to talk to seasoned riders about the benefits of each type of bike, so this event is ideal for families that are just beginning to think about cycling.  

Ballard Bikes, the multi-school collaboration organizing this event, was formed to  promote active, kid-powered transportation at our schools year-round.  Find out about your school's plans for Bike/Walk to School in October and upcoming activities at this event.

All kids must have an adult family member present and must be wearing a helmet in order to participate.  This event is free and open to all students at Ballard elementary & K-8 schools.  See you on the 28th!

Monday, 26 August 2013

2013- 2014 Events

Events: The Adams Bikes committee will be celebrating biking to school with events in both the fall and the spring.

  • How to lead a Bike Train Parent Workshop - (mid-September) - We are working with the bike-minded leaders of other local elementary schools to put together a training for parents who want to learn how to lead bike trains.  Kids love riding in bike trains, but if you've ever led one, you know it is tricky to keep it organized.  This workshop will focus on how to lead large groups of students safely. 
  • Adams Bike Rodeo (September 28) - This will be our Adams Bikes kick-off event to promote biking to school.  The Rodeo will include safety training for students and parents, helmet checks, basic bike maintenance, an obstacle course, and other fun events. 
  • Ballard Bikes Month (month of October) - We will be participating with other Ballard Elementary schools in the inaugural "Ballard Bikes" event, a month-long event to promote biking to school at the beginning of the school year when routines are established. We will host kick-off and finale events along with weekly welcome stations for students, parents and teachers who bike to school that day.  Kids who participate will earn cool "Adams Bikes" gear and stickers.
  • Wet Weather Riding - (mid-November) - What rain?  This after school event will help prepare students who want to ride their bikes to school, rain or shine.  We'll focus on helpful gear - lights, rain jackets, layering, and safe riding techniques wet weather.
  • Spring Bike Tune-up - (early March) - Winter is almost over, and spring is right around the corner - time for a bike tune-up!  We are going to team up with a local bike shop to host a bike tune-up event so students can to get their bikes ready for spring riding.
  • Adams Cycling Club - (April-May) - Modeled after the successful after school program at Loyal Heights, the Adams Cycling Club will be open to 4th and 5th graders who want to expand on their bike experience and learn the rules of the road. The club will have a classroom component and rules of the road training in a parking lot before we start exploring Ballard on our bikes.  
  • Bike to School Month - (month of May) - Adams has participated in the Bike to School movement for many years, and our participation in Bike to School Month is exceptional. This year we will continue our tradition of leading by example by hosting a number of bicycle-centric events during the month.